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Tiny Desk Concerts

A few notable concerts

This year marks the NPR Tiny Desk Concerts 15th birthday. A desk transformed into a stage for the most intimate concerts you’ll ever witness (maybe a bit exaggerated, but you get the gist). Here’s a few I’ve been enjoying lately:

Death Cab for Cutie Especially the first song, ‘Black Sun’ keeps haunting me.

“What Sarah Said” also features in a spotify-list with mainly sad song (which eventually might share).

Moon Hooch Two screaming saxophones and one drummer that keeps the beat up. What can I say - just listen!

Tallest Man on Earth With his raw voice not very unlike Bob Dylan his songs might also hit your ‘sad string’ although it’s happy-go-lucky at times.

The Swell Season Following their musical love-story “Once” a intimate desk concert by Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova.

See the full list of concerts here (apparently over 400 of them!)

Death Cab for Cutie Moon Hooch The Swell Season The Tallest Man on Earth Tiny Desk Concerts NPR