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23 hours › Keeping watch
about a surgeon who for the first time performed a heart transplant Read More ›

Remember your father › Goodbye...
about a small guy remembering his father Read More ›

Quite a view › Thunderstorm
Pilot Flies Above The Thunderstorm To Get A Perfect Shot Of It At 37,000 Feet Read More ›

after a fews years slumbering › Juno
Unraveling Jupyter Read More ›

Geese on the run › Geese
Commuting geese Read More ›

Laurence Taylor bought an ad to put immigration into perspective › Migration pie chart
What's the percentage immigrants getting into the UK? Read More ›

Fast and nimble › Speedtest
Putting Jekyll to the test Read More ›

Hearing for the first time › Harold Whittles
Hearing for the first time Read More ›

Brexit › The Newyorker on brexit
Barry Blitt’s “Silly Walk Off a Cliff” Read More ›

ELLIS tells the forgotten story of the immigrants who built America. › Ellis
Ellis Island, gateway of millions of immigrants trying to save themselves in times of war. About all the people that made it and those that didn't. Read More ›

A young girl has to conquer her fear for her own grandmother, who is terminally ill. › Oma
A young girl has to conquer her fear for her own grandmother, who is terminally ill. Read More ›

Live in the Boiler Room › Nils Frahm
Nils Frahm Live Set - Live in the Boiler Room Read More ›

Hypnotic, Pulsating exploration of movement in dance › Choros
Or do stats using python › Python data analysis & visualisation
A little light rises from the deep sea. › One Bright Dot
Jekyll-powered › The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
A first try at using Jekyll Read More ›

Decades › Joy Division
Tiny Desk Concerts › Death Cab for Cutie
Tiny Desk Concerts › A few notable concerts
Python-powered › Python notebook - interactive science
Or how a notebook can be used to journalise science Read More ›