Top 25 Hottest Articles

Who knew!

2 articles appearing in the Top 25 Hottest Articles
[that appeared in Hearing Research, I must say…]

– Over the period January-March 2010 our review article on tinnitus was the hottest article in Hearing Research
– Over the period July-September two of our articles were in the top 10 of hottest articles (#4 and #6)

The auditory brain

Every now and then I’m asked to participate in someone’s fMRI experiment. Most often I do not get any feedback or results whatsoever. A few weeks ago I participated in an experiment of Dave (sparse sampling vs. continuous scanning, both with an auditory tasks and resting state measurements) and yesterday I received an animation based on my own brain morphology, my own gyri and sulci. On this structural (black and white) image you can see the response to sound compared to a baseline condition in yellow shades…. the evidence is compelling: Cris seems to have a brain…

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